Welcome to 308 Granado (pomegranate tree) Street

Painting by Kathy Hauge, local artist and friend

Dry goods

The building at 308 Granado was built before 1908 by J. P. Meadows. Prior to 1908 there were two stores in the building, a cafe and a pool hall. In 1908 it was used to house a dry goods store and was the Tularosa Dry Goods until 2004 when it became the home of Coffee and More. The owners, Tony and Lynette, are reopening the store as a multiuse space for community events, a meeting space for local nonprofits, and a venue for art and music events. It will simply be known as the Old Tularosa Dry Goods. 

This building is stuccoed and has a parapet with raised ends and a center arched pediment.

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